Acadia National Park

Hours: Open 24/7       Cost: $$

About the park

Around 47,000 acres in size, Acadia National Park is one of Maine's biggest, most well-known attractions. Take a horse-drawn carriage through the park as you see the Atlantic Ocean, a beautiful sunrise, rocky shores and tall spruce or pine trees. People love coming here because of the variety of activities you can do here and because of the lovely landscape of Maine. Make sure to bring enough supplies when visiting here; you can bring items like snacks, a first aid kit, water, a hat, a jacket or coat, a camera and more.

To get into the park, you'll need to pay a fee.

About the Park

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Roast marshmallows around a campfire

Gather around a warm campfire on a cool, fall night in Acadia National Park with your friends and family. Enjoy a nice night out while roasting tasty marshmallows or hot dogs; you can also tell campfire stories while the fire crackles in front of you. While you aren't advised to bring in your own firewood, due to non-native insects disrupting the park's ecosystem, you can buy and bring in local firewood.

Go on a walk with your leashed pet

Your pet will love Acadia National Park, thanks to all the interesting foliage for them to smell. Take some fun photographs with them, too! Bring your entire family when you come to visit Acadia National Park. Though, dogs are prohibited from public beaches and public buildings.

Hike Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain is well known for providing beautiful views of the park, a waterfall and the Atlantic Ocean. Climb the mountain if you're looking to unwind with your loved ones; the hike is around 8 miles long. 

Take a drive under or by all of the park's bridges

Did you know that Acadia National Park has tons of bridges for you to explore and drive under or by? Here are our favorites:
  • Eagle Lake Bridge
  • Deer Brook Bridge
  • Amphitheater Bridge
  • Stanley Brook Bridge
  • Jordan Pond Road Bridge
  • West Branch Bridge

Activities Cont.

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Activities Cont.

Hear the crack of waves at Thunder Hole

A small inlet of rocks, Thunder Hole not only provides a gorgeous view of the sea, but it can also make a loud sound like thunder when air and water are pushed out of the area. Hold onto the railings because waves are strong here!

Take photographs of cute critters

Some of the animals you can see here include black bears, moose, loons, beavers, coyotes and more! Bring your camera and catch a picture of them in their natural habitat.

Attend a festival

There are two festivals that happen in Acadia National Park: National Junior Ranger Day in May and Eek of Ecology in October. Both are family-friendly, bringing your kids fun in the outdoors.

Collect a specimen

If you're educational background is in biology or is related to the outdoors, maybe you should consider collecting a specimen for the National Park Service. Get yourself a permit if the circumstances allow!

Guest Reviews

Best place on earth

Want to go to the best place on earth? You have come to the right place. Vast array of hiking trails swimming camping. It is open year round and it is Breath taking place.
So much to explore. Don't forget to hike or climb Cadillac mountain at dawn. It's the first place on the east coast you can see the sunrise from.

-Brandon Brooks, Google Reviews


Acadia is perfection, every season of the year. A magical and genuinely unique place where the magnificence of Nature and the best works of Man combine to create a sublime Paradise that somehow is both tranquil and dramatic in its beauty.

-Rhonda Tucker, Google Reviews

Wide open & pretty

Enjoyed two days at Acadia. Wide open hiking & nature walks. Former carriage paths make easy walking with plenty of space & fresh air.

-Paul S., TripAdvisor

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